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How Getting a Badass Wingwoman Gets You a Relationship

Getting an awesome wingwoman assists you to along with your best friend fulfill 10x a lot more amazing dudes when you go away.

However have to be a team and turn each other’s secret tool…

Enjoy the video clip to discover exactly how.

P.S. Should you decide already have a fantastic wingwoman, DISCUSS this along with her 🙂

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21 responds to « How Being a Badass Wingwoman becomes You a Relationship »

  • Hafsa


    Love the movie you merely made. Witty and very helpful,we perform need a good wingman.

  • Emma


    Ha-ha great movie! I will be a slope off kinda woman, and my friend could be the terminator! Thanks Matt! Educational and funny!

  • Tamar


    You may be so excellent Matt!!!! merely love you

  • susie


    Good movie these days thank-you

  • Manu


    Hi Matt,

    This really is an outright good movie. It does not merely suggest ways to be good wingwoman/wingman, it clarifies again that whatever you perform everyday provides an opportunity of putting some kindness and positive concoction in the ecosystem.

    Thanks from Germany


  • Kirsten


    I believe you’re spot on right here but as an individual who is within the « self help » world, We usually see my self drawing from a lack of pragmatism behind terms like « bliss » and « energy. » Usually you are practical and I also like it but i am questioning if you’d expound on which TO do as a-wing ladies in the place of exactly what not to ever carry out, as well as exactly what your notion of getting good energy sources are? In my opinion men and women get involved in becoming bubbly if they think they can be getting good power and therefore may cause being disingenuous… are you able to elaborate?

  • Joanna


    Hi Mat,

    I truly admire both you and your groups ability to simply take brand new angles when you look at the really international love match topic.

    You often come up with out of the ordinary and/or surprising

    subject areas and solutions.

    Congratulations as I usually see something to enjoy and feel stimulated by.

    Additionally, many thanks a whole lot for remaining thus genuine.

    That actually fills me personally.


  • Lani


    This is so funny…Because it is a fact!!!

  • Kelly


    So genuine, Matthew. I got a friend years back who was simply NO charm queen that has men falling all over their because she knew just how to deliver the favorable vibes making them feel well. XO. Love everything you would!!

  • Neethu Vimal


    Cool guidelines that i might bear in mind from now ! Considerate 🙂

  • Marta


    We never noticed you performing just okay in the movie, Matt. Maybe for fun it is possible to deliver us some movies of yours that produce you cringe with the reason why 😉

  • Wendy


    This is exactly fantastic advice about any situation as it points out that a positive and knowing attitude always wins a single day.

  • Kat


    So how exactly does an individual deliver « great power »? What exactly does that mean?

    1. Kat: It means the « vibe » you provide the table…when you are around people…Some men and women produce a delightful, good electricity (you desire to be around all of them since they are fun as well as being a happiness becoming around all of them..they will bring out the finest in you)…some may bring a Debbie Downer energy…Wha..wha..whaaaa….Think of Eyeore…Some folks can be emotional vampires…and suck the life span energy away from an area..by being negative…& they might be a « drag » become about because they’re constantly therefore discouraging becoming around..everyone provides pals in each class..but, I often erase the Debbie Downers…(just what a drag..it is to be around them..because you may be constantly attempting to carry their unique spirits..it’s exhausting!) That’s what he is chatting about…in a nutshell…

  • Matt which the topic, thank-you! But i do believe you forgot the main and a lot of annoying yellow flag-wing-thing. Friend, who actually starts to flirt with all the guy just who involved consult with myself.

    How to deal with that?

    Just walk away and do not see all of them once again?

    Say one thing?

    Attempting to be wonderful?

    I have experimented with all of them, but exact same time I believe this subject is indeed painful nevertheless.

  • That was amazing! Had me personally chuckling aloud! 🙂 very amusing & informative! You Stone Matthew! You really have these types of a delightful sense of humor! Appreciated that much! LOL! Hugs! all the best in your subsequent refuge! « Break a leg »! Although, you certainly do not need chance! Have the few days together with your Hi-Value Women! I am envious! Wish I have there been! 😉 <3

  • Linda


    Matt I love the videos and guidance truly but on this subject movie I will disagree somewhat. I-go around with my girlfriends and of course we have been looking, but what about those occasions when you can expect to encounter some guy that someone desired one to satisfy or a pal presents one, a guy that had asked about both you and is thinking about you. One of my pals is at the same bar as I one night knowing i was planning meet some one that were asking about myself. My gf sat with our team the complete night and also as time went by she ended up being communicating with him regarding how near they lived to one another, once we had gotten to have an image taken she had gotten inside. Once we decided to leave she remaining at the same time i never had any only time because of this guy. Since this ended up being a meet and greet i didn’t require a-wing girl. to peak it off she informed him to check out her home she’d show him the faster means residence. Well I became not so happy with all that. but did not state any such thing until I imagined about any of it. When i known as this lady from it in a text she entirely quit conversing with me personally and unfortunate component is actually we never ever chatted together about it she only decided to upload bad statements on FB. and then she contributed this video clip and said I attempted to-be a wingwoman plus it got myself in some trouble and that I destroyed a pal. There clearly was a positive change between getting a wingwoman and just becoming near by if anything goes wrong. The outcome was actually the guy talked in my experience the very next day and required her contact number. So ok I did not get the chance to see if we wished to head out. I just gave him the amount and delivered her a text so that her realize that she violated the lady code beside me and out of cash my personal depend on. Today she actually is hurt? How do you believe I believe! You need to do part two to the it’s not possible to have a wingwoman which flirts utilizing the man you are interested in.

  • I like you Matt. Experiencing awesome pleased for anything you carry out. Thank you for another kickass vid!

  • Laetitia


    So there we have the n. 1 hurdle to fulfilling brand new men. And to purchasing. An effective side person is a treasure to hold onto.

  • I enjoy this! This is brilliant!!!

  • Debbie McCue


    Thanks Matthew to suit your tips. I really get a large amount of them. I might enjoy to listen more suggestions about, getting your ex lover husbands attention right back after another women stole him away from you. I found myself hitched for more than twenty five years. I am a stylish woman. My husband was at face guide an a woman whom practically ruined all of our relationship in the past found him and was the star following him once more. This time around it worked. How do I get their interest. Cheers, Debbie.

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